• Image of Snowy Dunes - "Snowy Dunes" CD

FROM HEAVY PLANET.NET (we couldn't say it nicer ourselves): Their self-titled record contains the elements of 60’s/70’s psychedelia and hard rock which launched a thousand acid trips back in the original sound’s heyday, and you listen to Snowy Dunes with nothing but images of hazy summer days and spiral colour vortex tunnels rushing towards your face. The Swedes are like a time machine, but not as a pastiche, but rather a tribute to what is a different lifetime ago. Similar to the 1886 record that was released earlier this year, Snowy Dunes are a joy to listen to, a tribute to the older scene, but with enough current influences to make the music relevant and their own in this day. It’s a strange way of thinking that the band’s future releases will continue to sound like the past, but it’s one repeat of history that we’re delighted to replay again.

Catalog - XM-1033

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