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In 2015, while listening to Clifton Chenier’s French Zydeco and the Nouvelle-Vague-inspired Brian Jonestown Massacre album Musique de film imaginé, Lola felt an urge to write songs in her native tongue and the resulting album CONFUSION MODERNE was recorded with psych guru Joel Jerome. CONFUSION MODERNE is a mix of classic French pop, garage, 60s yé-yé, and DTCV’s own signature post-punk inflections that the band likes to call “Françoise Hardy fronting Buzzcocks.” The album is entirely written by Lola in French (with the exception of Greer’s corruscating screed against the domestication of rock “We Aren’t the Champions”) and deals largely, if obliquely, with her anti-capitalist, neo-anarchist, and pro-environmental concerns.
We are happy to make it now available through Xemu Records for digital download on iTunes.

Catalog - XM-1034-DIG

Digital Only